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Need Affordable Dental Insurance? Use These 4 Money-Savers

If you think that affordable dental insurance is some kind of urban legend, think again.  It is possible to find personal dental insurance that meets your needs and your budget.  The key, though, is to know exactly how to shop. 

By following these 4 tips, the money-saving possibilities are endless!

  1.  Bundle it with your eye insurance

    It's not quite as cheap as those "buy one get one" offers you see advertised in retail stores, but bundling your dental and eye insurance together is a great way to save money on both policies. 

    Insurance companies want as many checks from you as possible each month, so they're willing to cut you a deal to get it.  Most people are in the market for both dental and eye insurance anyways, so it makes fiscal and practical sense to buy them together.

  2.  Weigh the cost of personal dental insurance over a family plan

    If it's just you, by yourself, you don't have much choice - you'll have to choose from one of the individual dental insurance plans out there.  However, if you have an entire family that needs dental coverage, your best bet may be to put everyone on a family plan.  Chances are you'll wind up getting a much better deal than if everyone in your house was to sign up for their own individual dental insurance plans.

  3.  Consider discount dental plans

    Discount plans are a type of personal dental insurance - but they work much differently than the average policy.  Instead of paying a monthly premium, you make an annual payment.  In return, you get a discount card.  You'll have to pay for all of your dental services yourself, but the discount card makes everything much cheaper. 

    Discount dental plans are much cheaper than traditional policies.  Plus, you only wind up paying for things that you really need - instead of paying for a policy that covers things that you never take advantage of.

  4.  Compare individual dental insurance plans on the web

    Like any other kind of bargain hunting, the best way to find the most affordable dental insurance is to do some comparison shopping.  Thanks to websites that offer plans from multiple insurance companies, you can compare several different plans, all with the click of a mouse.  That way, you get all of the information you need in one place - without having to hunt all over the world wide web.