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Delta Dental Insurance -- 4 Reasons Why They're a Great Choice

With all of the dental plan offers out there, you're probably wondering which company offers the best dental insurance for individuals.  Here are 4 reasons to take a close look at Delta Dental Insurance:

  1.  They only handle dental insurance

    Whether you're part of a big employer-sponsored policy or you're on your own individual dental plan, you can count on Delta Dental to have "tunnel vision" -- and that's a good thing!  Instead of getting caught up in health, life, or vision coverage, Delta Dental Insurance is focused solely on your oral health.

  2.  They offer a variety of plans

    If you're shopping for personal dental insurance, the only way to get the best deal is to compare several different plans.  Luckily, Delta Dental Insurance has enough variety to give you virtually anything you need.

    And, they don't just offer dental insurance for individuals.  Delta Dental also has an array of family plans to choose from, too.  That way, whether it's just you or you've got a house full of kids, you've got plenty of options!

  3.  They have a large network of approved providers

    When you're trying to decide if an individual dental plan is right for you, one of the things you need to look at is the size of the approved provider network.  If it's small, you could have problems getting appointments or finding a dentist that you like.
    Luckily, Delta Dental Insurance has a huge network!  And, they're even looking for ways to make it bigger.  If you have a Delta Dental individual dental plan, you can even nominate dentists to be part of the network!

    If that's still too restrictive for your tastes, Delta Dental even offers dental insurance for individuals that allows you to visit any licensed dentist that you want.  Most insurance companies don't offer that kind of freedom -- at least, not on the full coverage plans.

  4.  They offer an estimating service

    If you've got to have major dental work -- and you're not sure how much of the bill your personal dental insurance is actually going to cover -- Delta Dental can help.  All you have to do is ask your dentist for a pre-treatment estimate.  Then, the Delta Dental staff will go over it and let you know what will be covered, what won't, and whether or not you'll exceed your annual maximum.  While it won't be a formal guarantee of coverage, it's a great way to avoid surprises later.

It's easy to find Delta Dental Insurance plans -- and a whole lot else -- at www.dentalandvision4u.com.